Seasonal Special: Happy Hillary Ornament


*portion of proceeds to be donated to Planned Parenthood to honor the continued women’s rights work of so many*


10 in stock (can be backordered)


Happy Hillary Ceramic Ornament
Hillary legacy ornament from “Happy Hillary” painting (portion of proceeds donated to PP in honor of women’s rights)

Fun and economical way to enjoy the Happy Hillary painting! Many people were ready for “HERstory” in 2016. Now it is 2020, and we are ready for history to be made with unity, positivity and continued activism pre/post 2020 election. We won’t forget that HERstory was still made 4 yrs ago, with a female winning the United States popular vote. Gratitude for a woman who worked her entire life to help women and children. I’m “still with her” and grateful for all the cracks in that glass ceiling. The ornament is exactly as pictured, for pinning up anywhere from the Christmas tree to your bulletin board. Buy one for yourself and one or more to gift it to those you love, who love and appreciate the Hillary legacy as well!


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