Rebecca Lazinger

Artist, activist, survivor



Rebecca is a self-taught oil painter favoring narrative arts in the form of emotive, realistic portraits and still-life scenes. She didn’t plan to work as an artist, and in fact only started painting in 2016 as part of her PTSD recovery. After narrowly escaping the 9/11/01 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, she spent the next few years dealing with the consequences of untreated PTSD. With the help of trauma specialists, she left an abusive relationship in which she became increasingly isolated and fearful. She started to learn how to prioritize her own health and rediscover happiness. The ability to use art to communicate her story was a personal breakthrough. The realization that her (once private) work was resonating with people was eye opening and thrilling. Rebecca has since embraced art as a new career and a means to raise awareness about trauma and healing. Becky lives and works out of NYC, alongside her best gal, studio dog and muse, Foxy.

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