Rebecca Lazinger

Artist, activist, survivor



Hi there! I am an artist (primarily oil painter) who favors narrative arts in the form of emotive, realistic portraits and still-life scenes. I am grateful that you are here – not just because it took me forever to figure out how to manage a website (not a techie!) – but because it really is an honor to share my work, thoughts, inspiration and backstory. I didn’t plan to work as an artist, and in fact, only started painting in 2016 as part of an intense PTSD recovery plan. Yes, I am part of the trauma club. Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder sidelined me for a long while. And I mean a loooooong while. What started as personal art therapy, blossomed into a full painting practice. The ability to use art to communicate when my words weren’t sufficient was incredibly therapeutic. I was initially very nervous and hesitant to share my (once private) work. However, when I realized that some of my paintings were resonating with other people – people with unique stories and perspectives, different than my own – it felt eye opening and exciting. I have since embraced art as a new career and a means to raise awareness about trauma and healing…and living.  I live and work out of NYC, alongside the very best, furry, studio assistant and muse, Foxy the dog.

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